PROfounders and Oakley Capital

PROfounders and Oakley Capital share a common vision to be the partner of choice for ambitious entrepreneurs. PROfounders is able to draw on the same resources that power the Oakley Capital Group, an asset management and advisory group with over €8bn in AUM. Oakley has a combined team of over 150 professionals and business support staff who provide us with high class resources across Fund Management, Compliance, HR, Legal and Finance.

Leveraging the high quality resources of Oakley enables us to operate as a lean and independently-managed investment team, focusing our time on unearthing high potential investment opportunities and working with our portfolio founders. We also gain exposure across multiple asset classes, and are able to use these insights and contacts for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

About Oakley Capital

Oakley Capital Group is an asset management and advisory group comprising private equity, venture capital, and corporate finance with over €8 billion in assets under management. Oakley was founded by entrepreneur Peter Dubens in 2002 to be the partner of choice for ambitious founders and management teams and, over two decades of investing and advising, Oakley has created an ecosystem to support companies from their early-stage through to becoming established businesses.

Across its strategies, Oakley applies a common investment playbook, focusing on tech-enabled businesses, often with a strong market position and disruptive business model. Across all of its fund strategies, Oakley endeavours to be the ideal partner for entrepreneurs, helping them realise their full potential by applying proven value creation levers including internationalisation, M&A, and talent acquisition to accelerate growth.

Oakley’s commitment to Responsible Investing reflects its culture and ethical principles that guide what it invests in, who it partners with, and how it strives to build successful companies in a sustainable way. ESG at Oakley is set out as a proprietary framework to integrate good business practices, future proof investments and provide transparency to stakeholders.

You can find out more by visiting the Oakley Capital website.

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