How we work and where we focus

1. We are pro founders...

...we have been there. We understand what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business and we know the hardships and stresses as well.

PROfounders was set up in 2009 with the belief that investing is much more than just a financial commitment – we aim to be partners through the hard times as well as the good times.

As an entrepreneur, capital is a scarce resource and time is something that you can never have enough of. We respect the time of all entrepreneurs and aim to be as efficient and productive with your time as possible, whether you are just setting out on the journey, or looking to raise money, or part of the portfolio.

2. Our core focus

Stage: Early = typically raising £/€ 1-3m to scale
Sector: Tech = disruptive models that leverage technology to transform and improve customer experiences
Geography: Primarily Europe (or as we like to say, all Eurovision song contest countries)

3. Looking for answers

Whatever stage of business you are at, you can ask us about fundraising, terms and structures, or venture in general here. Where we think that we are qualified to have an opinion, we will publish the questions and our answers to the community resource that we created: the PROvision community. Because undoubtedly, there will be others who have exactly the same question.

4. Looking for funding

If you are looking to raise a round and you broadly fit our focus and like our philosophy, feel free to reach out here with your business plan and/or deck. It is helpful if this includes the amount that you are looking to raise as well as recent traction metrics. We will read anything that we receive and reply. Our commitment is that we will only ask of your time if we can commit our time back.

5. Looking for a partner

Once we have invested, we want to be hands-on – proactive in our approach and honest with our advice. That means we always read the board pack, always return your calls and always offer opinions. We know where we can add value and just as importantly we know where we can’t.

We want to be partners to the entrepreneurs we back, which means honest and transparent discussions throughout the journey. Working with and for entrepreneurs.

Ready to work together?

We believe in talking to and sharing with the early-stage community. We welcome questions, observations and requests from everybody...