As in any relationship, the key to a good partnership is the people. We are lucky to have an amazing group of Investment Partners and Founders that can add their support to portfolio companies.

PROfounders Team

Rogan Angelini-Hurll
Joe Bond
Andreia Campos
PROmoter - Portugal
Eleonora Mantovani
Sean Seton-Rogers
Oskari Tempakka
PROmoter - Finland

Investment Partners

Michael Birch
Founder Bebo
Peter Dubens
Founder and Managing Partner Oakley Capital Group
George Coelho
Ex. Intel Capital, Benchmark. Partner and co-founder, Astanor Ventures
Andy Phillips
Co-founder and CEO of Active Hotels (,
Jonathan Goodwin
Founder Lepe Partners, PROfounders Capital. Partner, Alvarium
Daniel Bergmann
Founder Stink Group
Karen Hanton
Founder Toptable, Pets Pyjamas
Laurence Blackall
Pembroke VCT
Mike Danson
Founder Datamonitor Plc., co-founder GlobalData plc
Mark Zaleski
ex-CEO QXL ricardo, Managing Director BCG Digital Ventures
Matthew Stillman
Founder Stillking Films
Russell Glenister
Founder image100
Jon Wood
Founder SRM Global
Matt Eames
Founder Eames Consulting Group
Matthew Riley
Founder Daisy Group

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